Jeremy L. Holloway is a multi-talented actor, born and raised in Memphis as the youngest of three siblings. From the tender age of 7, Jeremy has wanted to entertain people for a living, inspired in his childhood by “The Jamie Fox Show”. His passion for acting was kindled at a young age when he took part in his first – but not his last! – the stage play, “The Big Bad Wolf”, and he has been making waves in the acting community ever since. 

Jeremy began by taking acting classes as he grew older so that he could hone his craft and learn how to make the biggest impact he could.  Aiming to reach more people in the younger generation, he began to create comedy skits, which he filmed and then posted on social media. These skits generated an astonishing 25 million views, kick-starting his career. However, the reception was not what he had been looking for – he was being hailed as a comedian by fans and critics alike, but he still strived for a career as a serious actor. 

Something had to change. Jeremy began filming more serious, topical skits in order to showcase his acting skills instead of just his natural flair for comedy. He aimed to showcase the harsh realities that average people face on a daily basis, to help them feel represented in the media and foster a greater understanding of the difficulties faced by others. It turned out that the people responded even more warmly to this more serious content, and now, 300 million views later, Jeremy has accumulated 1.5 million social media followers who are avid fans of the content he produces.

Despite this undoubtedly success online, this is just the start of the journey that Jeremy aims to take part in. As a man of many talents outside of just his acting capabilities – he can write, edit, film, sing, dance, direct and play the piano – he plans to create a stage play that he can travel city to city with. Always aiming to be accessible to viewers from all walks of life, a web series is also in the works – stay tuned! Down the line, Jeremy plans to publish a non-fiction novel centered around the theme of understanding, which came across so strongly in his online skits. He hopes that this book, along with the rest of his content, will be able to inspire kids who may come from a rough background or “the bad parts of town” that with hard work and dedication, their dreams can become a reality.

While he plans to continue creating large range of his own content, Jeremy’s passion for acting prevails, and he aims to also star in movies and tv shows. His end goal? To become an A list actor, walking alongside the biggest names in Hollywood.

Keep an eye on Jeremy L. Holloway – soon, you won’t be able to miss him!