Shipping & Fulfillment Policy

Black Shadow Productions LLC partners with Printful, Inc. to fulfill and ship hoodies, hats and beanies from our online store and are made to order. The fulfillment center does not keep any merchandise on hand. Shipping from Printful, Inc. can take up to 5-10 days and uses commercial companies such as "FedEx" to ship orders. Therefore, delivery to P.O. boxes is unable to be completed. Once orders fulfilled by Printful Inc. are made on our online store, they receive the order, make the item and ship it directly to you. Black Shadow Productions LLC does not fulfill or ship hoodies, hats or beanies from our online store.

Black Shadow Productions LLC is responsible for shipping of the book "Understanding Is Key" by Jeremy L. Holloway. Therefore, processing of orders usually take 3-5 days. 

Black Shadow Productions LLC and Printful, Inc. ship internationally. Please allow longer times for receipt of item.

All orders made through our online store are not processed until payment is received. Once paid order is received, a confirmation wmail with tracking information will be provided. If you do not received your tracking information please contact and we will do our best to locate your order.

Please see our return policy on all orders made through our online store.

Last updated 1/29/2021